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A pair of sandal’s worth!

I am grinded. I am molded. I enter those damned machines, I would have never entered if I had it my way. I get thrown away, I get picked up and then I get stuffed in. Ah, how would you realize the suffocation I feel…

I wake up only to find myself being stared at by several pairs of eyes, ah, I don’t quite like the attention I am getting. As if that’s not enough, I am required to be tested, only to be rejected.  What’s more, I am rejected only to be replaced by my water allergic counterpart. I can’t help thinking you are nuts. You people thing too high of yourself to reject us. No wonder you don’t feel the least bit of remorse doing so. Yet, I forgive you. It’s not entirely your fault. When you are given so many choices, its quite obvious for you to reject. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like you either.

I go back to lay on  the selves, on display for God knows how long, waiting for my turn to be picked, waiting to care for a pair of lovely feet. Sometimes the air conditioning gets on my nerves. Summers can be a bliss, but for the power saving movement that catches the trend, they are real testing times, those. Not to mention the adverse chills during the rains, when I can’t help wondering where the power saving movement hides itself.

A blue moon later, some kind person falls in love with me, and proposes to live with me…. Err.. Proposes I be with him.. I accept it. *blushes* (Coming to think of it, I feel I was wrong when I thought the person fell in love with me. Very.)

I am very tired after the day’s journey and I lay down to sleep, only to be woken up for a fashion show. I get angry and I recent to biting whatever I can lay my teeth on. Really, its so much fun. Pity, it didn’t last long, as my once sharp teeth are now grinded down. Having no other choice, I try getting along and find its fun as well. I get adjusted to my new life. Everything goes on well until I get kidnapped.

One moment, I was lying quietly waiting, the next I find somebody coming, picks on me and walks away. I scream, Help! Help! But my owner is nowhere to be seen. You disrespectful idiot. If only you had watched upon me, like my owner used to, this would never had happened. Never!

A glance is all I get, even when I am moments away from adoring your beautiful err.. not always so beautiful  legs, protecting them from the beautiful earth, and not so beautiful earthly matters. I am a slave at your pair of legs, another disrespected creature. Having me on, you feel pretty comfortable to go to any place, yeah; any, with a stress on the last part! I am the footwear. Yeah, the. Nothing less than the.

I am already missing my owner…. Now with an ‘ex’ to it.

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