Let the words flow. Let the pictures speak

The past return…

Why did thou hath to return, back to me,
When I was, but better in thy memories..

For all those years I was recovering, healing
myself, slowly but steadily, telling myself
that whatever happened was bound to be
and that thou were gone forth good.

The journey never for once seemed to be
a piece of cake, for with every thing around,
wherever I went, there was a memory stuck
with thee, that kept reminding me of thee..

The period of transition indeed grew
tougher than i thought it would, but
as time went by I learnt I had to face it,
for it would kill me steadily if I failed to.

I knew it was time to open up, time to let
thee out of my thoughts forever, but that
was easier said than done, for even if my
mind would, my heart would never do…

Gradually I began to move on converting
those memories, taking every thought of
thee as a happy moment, burying those
others deep down, in the depths of my heart.

Why now, of all times, did thou hath to find
a reason to return, to come back, when, finally
I had settled myself leaving behind the past,
accepting present, the way it came by..

Why did thou hath to return, back to me,
When I was but, better in thy memories..

– Nocturnal poet

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