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New tidings…

The last I was down here, was to pen about some journey onto somewhere and the fact is that its been like some ages since that!

I am all rusty and completely out of writings way these days. The last I wrote on paper happened to be an exam paper! For the reason behind this absence, I blame TWITTER! Yeah, the very same one, probably through which you found out about this post and are reading it now, the devil which has confined my thoughts to 140 characters. My review on a read book, 140 characters. My thoughts on something, 140 characters. My experience on an outing, 140 characters. 140 characters, 140 characters, 140 characters. 140 characters was every where. Short and sweet seemed to become a etched in motto. Coming to think of it, I more often than not think it usually went to become short and complex.

Ok. Now that I am done with the blaming part, lets get down to what I came down for, which is nothing. I am only weaving words to form sentences and sentences to form paragraphs and paragraphs to form a write-up. So pardon those cut off topics, lousy start ups and whatever else. I am only scraping off the rust and painting the whole surface. You are but on looker who is very keen on witnessing the rejuvenating process. Well, if you are, so be it. Only don’t blame me later on, you have been warned well in advance.

I guess you would still remember that last day of the old year. You were probably participating in the count down at some party or standing besides some vehicle along with a bunch of others, with loud music playing or rather sleeping tightly(which actually looks a better option now) waiting for the clock to tick, twelve while I was down town looking at people dance, no I couldn’t call it that actually, well, whatever, and the next I realize there was fireworks coz it was already past twelve. shey! no countdowns, no loud cheers, no nothings. Bare beginnings. What happened to be a full solid plan in some-body’s words, which I went through, happened to be reach and return, only that. I will break even with that fella someday, so you don’t have to worry about it. The new year is already a few weeks, but since I didn’t announce it (140 characters isn’t enough announcement, I need a blogged one), I now formally announce the arrival of the new year and wish you all, well whoever is still reading, which you obviously are, a happy new year. You might have wished me personally, @replied, called waiting all the while while the damned networks were busy scrambling, or rather spent a precious rupee and sent a message which reached only the next day, but all that doesn’t count. Oh yeah, even if you sent a message with the advance wish so that you could keep up with the wished whilst remaining in your free message quota, that doesn’t hold. And since I wished you now, you are to reciprocate by commenting to this post. I believe you have some courtesy, no? We will soon see.

Team India did well to begin the year with a victory in the t20 match against SA, or was it in the last year? I keep forgetting the dates. well, never mind, years later who will be bothered about it anyway, 1st of jan or 31st of dec, both will be included in the same year. They also lost an ODI, then miraculously won one, probably coz everybody had long slept expecting a well deserved loss. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the victory, first thing in the morning. Speaking of surprises I was very much surprised to hear Sania won a set against Henin! The moment I saw her clad in white and green, I knew she wasn’t going to win it. She changed to blue, but it was already too late! nevertheless for a person who fears clearing the nets, she played fairly well, with some wonderful flukes and a heavy dose of felix felicis (liquid luck according to the fictional harry potter). Of course she probably didn’t take the correct dose for she would have otherwise won it, no?

The squad for the world cup is announced and we have some ups and downs in it. The selection committee always feels its got the best. Its the other side that we need to see. Joginder Sharma feels his omission from the team is a shocker! After what he did at the t20 WC some years back, yeah that was some years back and he still seems to be in the hangover. Shreeshanth thinks he didn’t fully believe in himself, he forgot his belief didn’t matter as long as the selection committee didn’t have faith in him! Yet, he was in good form and should have probably been picked, so that, if nothing else, we could at least use his antics to our benefit. As an afterthought we have antics veteran bhajji, so sree can as well be forgotten for now.  We have some excellent horse power in the team, but pity the horse is very prone to injuries. Yuvraj believes he is in the team because of his six sixes in the t20 WC and that his experience could be of crucial usage in times of need. I must say, Mr. Yuvraj, its not a nursery rhyme that you repeat whenever you want to. By the way why is everybody still in the t20 WC? We are speaking about its longer version. Any ways,  Piyush is now the times most influential person of the month! That was expected, wasn’t it?

You ride a bike? You probably do. The next time you think about going out biking, think about that stiffness of yours. If you are that blogger like me who hasn’t blogged for ages, it means you also don’t have all the exercise you need and your body is quite stiff. So think twice. I don’t mean to stop you, in fact if you are around here somewhere lil up and down of Manipal I would suggest you too to visit kudloooo (the oos for the hangover effect, not that if works of course). Around 60kms from Manipal, its a wonderful place for a stretch workshop. The climbing and descending would be enough to give you some effect of the stretch workshop. In case you feel good, which on the day you will(For the workshop announces its results only a day later. Strict rules followed compulsorily), there are a lot of mountain collapses where you can try your climbing skills. For those photographers out there, pack your heaviest of lenses, also don’t forget your tripod, for that will do you much good. See that your companions are lazy enough so that they don’t offer to carry your weight for you, else the workshop wont have the desired effect you see! I almost forgot, the main attraction of the place is a falls, so while you are there enjoy a relaxed swim or a soothing massage from the falls himself.

Ok. My exercise is done. Thank you for your patience. Will let you know if I need this session sometime again. Ciao.

Ah, wait. I titled the post new tidings, so let me pen down something for it. Lets hope the new year, which has already begun and probably already decided what it has got in store, which again probably by now is already covered with a sheet of dust, given the ultimate care we give, bring new tidings for us full of richness and harmony, happiness and joy, love and peace. Let the rotten past be dumped into the nearest municipality bin, let the wonderful today be enjoyed to its fullest and let the unknown tomorrow be full of surprises. Amen! Err.. I myself didn’t fully comprehend what those tidings were all about, so don’t bother too much about it and since you have already wasted a lot of time reading this junk, waste no more, leave!

Its a psychological disorder in the human being that as long as the end of the window isn’t in sight the reader keeps reading. I ended twice and still you haven’t called it quits. You are still following the words which means you, like me are beginning to enjoy this whole thing that doesn’t makes much sense. We must probably meet for a coffee or something so that we bore ourselves a little more and yeah, that would give me another reason to begin with this whole procedure  all over again. That’s it. This is the end of the window. Over. Nothing more. Done. Close and get back to your work.

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