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Joy of life

This, I believe is going to be a slight drift towards philosophy. Kindly forgive any opinions expressed wrongly.

How often have we been satisfied with what we have?? We always seem to want something thats a step ahead of us, like in out of our reach. We work our way towards it and get it. Then?? The funny thing is most often we dont even take time to cherish and enjoy what was just gained,but rather find that there is a new want on the horizon, there is a new desire… And so the process goes on and on.. We are seldom contained with our current positions and the wants never seem to end.. Of course they don’t. But then we must learn to be happy with what we have gained, even if its momentary. Its not wrong to keep chasing wants but if we don’t have time to enjoy them then whats the use of it?? Why the mad rush?? We should be able to derive a certain amount of joy from whatever we do and whatever we have. Past is a history and future, a mystery. So its only the present thats with us. Each passed moment, be it good or bad, is gone forever. So cherish each moment..

It is a momentary glimpse I caught, that triggered all these thoughts into my minds. I had been to Manglore recently and while returning, was lucky to find a window seat..(Not that I board a bus if I don’t think I will get a window seat) Its my customary practice to study the surroundings while travelling. It fulfills two objectives. One, I wont be bored and the second, I will find a lot of interesting things that fascinates me. Now there is a fly overbeing constructed and somewhere near Surathkal they have piled up a lot of cement bags. It looks like a small mountain since its almost twenty foot high and ten foot wide. Upon it a young man of around twenty years or so was lying with his head head supported on his hand. He was almost dipped in cement dust. It was his expression that kept me spell bounded. He looked so happy despite the place he was in, a busy traffic infested roadside. There was such a twinkle in his eyes that gleamed of happiness… I just couldn’t get my eyes of him. I believe he is a worker of the fly over and has to work in the scorching heat all day. But at the end of the day he had the look of the happiest man in the world. I donno the reason for the happiness in him, but then it kept me wondering… If a person working in such a state can be so cheerful, am sure we all can find a lot of reasons to be cheerful too.

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