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Go Ape!

When was the last time you climbed a tree? When was the last time you swung of a tree? Do you know what it feels like to slide down a wire dangling from a tree and landing in mud? These questions and many more were answered when the finalists went Go Ape!

After a long journey that lasted over ten hours, add to it, the jet lag that always effects you when you travel against time, the last thing you want is to wake the following morning and get down to work right away. The pressure is always mad at the beginning; very reason why the FIDA grand finale made its beginning with a refreshing day-out at the Go Ape, Woburn.

As the entity says about itself, if the word, “Go Ape” were to be in the dictionary, it would be described as ‘tree-top adventure’. With tree-top high wires, crossings including walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super strong wire and wind-in-your-face zip wires, the adventures takes a path amidst the woods, giving one a mixture of nature treatment and adventure.

Exciting, though it may seem, the activity is highly risk oriented. To ensure the safety of the apes, they were given safety training at the beginning, followed by a small demonstration before they were finally let to go through the course by themselves. With over 20 crossings over 3 trails and finish on a high (literally), with one awesome zip wire, rejuvenation is guaranteed. Having proven their ability with the karts, the finalists went on to show that they had a few more tricks up their sleeves as well. Further, they also proved their ability to adapt to a given situation when on being stuck, all they required was a little guidance on how to get along and the theory was put into practice right away.

Come evening, the finalists made their presence at the Force India’s factory situated in Silverstone. They were given a tour through the facilities by Mick and Damien, who went on to explain in depth the various aspects involved in the making and running of a Formula One car. What’s more, the contestants even got an opportunity to stretch their legs in those very Force India’s Formula One cars! They were then presented driving suits, shoes and gloves, customized to suit them.

With a relaxing adventure in the morning followed by the painting of a colorful dream in the evening, the contestants would sure be in the best of their spirits to bring the dream to life.


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