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Affection towards mother (Memories-I)

I am sure every child will be affectionate towards his/her mother.Itsbecause its the mother who takes care to see that all the needs of the child is satisfied and fulfilled. She is the one who understands what the child needs even before the child learns to speak and expresses its needs.


Well this incident dates back to the time when i was only a kiddo of about 2 years or so…It so happened that a day before this incident mom had asked dad to get oil used for lamp and he had forgotten. That day morning when he went to light the lamp, he found that there was no oil and asked mom. So mom told him there was no oil and also the oil used for cooking also was almost empty. I was there listening to all that as i always liked playing with the door of the prayer room. Mom was in the kitchen and when she called me out, she got no reply. So she assumed I had been to Fatima’s house (who was a worker who used to stay nearby and I often went to play there). But even after sometime when I had not returned she got worried and asked Fatima. She said he never came here. Then mom suddenly realised that as I had overheard them speaking about oil, I must have gone to the shop. So she immediately asked dad to go and checkout. The shop is around 300 yards away from our house. But the more interesting thing is that the route from our house to the shop includes a right, a left, again a right and then again a left and then yet another right!! When dad reached the shop it seems I was standing besides the shop leaning on the door. Then the shopkeeper who is a well known person to us told what had happened. It seems I went and stood there and on being asked what I wanted, I said, “Amma tela jhai” (mom wants oil). So he asked where my father was to which i said he was at home. On being asked where mom was, it was the same reply. Then he realised that I must have come out without the knowledge of my parents and so he decided to drop me back home and by then dad came there. It seems when I was going, on the way one the persons there asked me where I was going and I never replied 😀 just kept going..

Its almost 15 years since that but I still remember it vividly….

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