Let the words flow. Let the pictures speak

Walking down the streets…

Amidst the crowd of people,
strangers and acquaints alike,
I felt like a joker, who reflected
happiness, with a heavy heart.

I realized the difficulty they
go through, to entertain people,
to bring out a smile on others face,
while their heart wept deep within.

I was bothered if the mask of happiness
would fall, revealing my true self, rather,
I found that the masked happiness goes
undetectable, the crowd find it amusing.

The silent tear was never recognised,
it kept falling, soaking the throbbing
heart while none bothered to stop it,
not even thee…

I felt happy for thee, but thou never
bothered to notice my presence..
I felt like a stranger blocking thy
way and hence I just walked away.

I concede the fact that I did hurt thee.
I dint mean to, but on feeling those tears
roll down thy eyes, I cried more than thee,
in my heart, coz I always cared for thee..

-Nocturnal poet

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