Let the words flow. Let the pictures speak

Sands of time…

Past is gone, never to come back,
leaving behind happiness, sorrow,
pains and gains, alike. It goes by,
only to be recalled as a memory.

On bothering to notice, we find its only
etching its effects on the sand of time.

As said, everything will have two outlooks,
a positive and another negative. Its better
to learn from the negative part and also,
console ourselves through the positive.

A pessimist will be sad to find the past gone,
those happy moments passed away,
and thus by sulking over the lost he,
tends to forget he left behind the pain.

An optimist on the other hand will be glad,
that past events are not written on a stone,
coz what is inscribed on a stone is rather
difficult to be erased, to be forgotten…

So lets be optimistic in our approach,
looking forward for a happy today
and a wonderful tomorrow…

-Nocturnal poet

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