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Opportunity knocks…

As the days went by, life went on, one fine day,
an opportunity happened to knock my door,
asking me if, welcome it, I was willing to
to reject it, a fool I wasn’t , my arms spread,
welcoming the opportunity, wide in embrace.

Thoughts of success, spread fast and furious,
happiness blooming in thoughts, themselves;
willing, I was to work for it, take it what may,
shed my sweat, toiling for it.

Time went by, as things began to turn,
for the good or bad, I could only wait,
to know, as the story found a twist,
putting my patience and cool on test.

Impediments cropped up as the once set things
seemed to tumble, the base quiet shaky, cracking
open to the world. Determined to hold on, very,
I was, my months of work in line of fire, that was;
still quiet, patient, waiting, vigilant and watching.

The opportunity share decrease, a result that sighted,
a deep loss it would be, continuing on the path further,
a try to clear up, smoothen things, was all I could do,
yet, it was certain, it wouldnt work, a namesake, it was,
work that required, not presistant experimentation.

Already set up, to both aspects I was, making them
perfectly feasible, a decision which saw me out of it,
with no sense of regret, only happy and cheerful.
Another door shalt open, the belief, an opportunity,
welcome, meant solely for me, the time shalt come.

– De Nocturnal Poet

One Response to “Opportunity knocks…”

  1. Mukesh Kini says:

    Nice one!
    Have got only one question, khai dukunu boda yetta marey he purai? :)


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