Let the words flow. Let the pictures speak

Lost battle…

Amidst friends, while in a happy, joyous mood,
I am but still lost in thy thoughts, my thoughts
shifting between the two worlds, a few moments
in the jolly present, a few in the lost past..

Oye! Whats up with you? One of my friends asked,
having finally seemed to notice my state of mind.
Nothing, I said. How could I possibly explain, while
there was still a war raging in my mind, result less.

I wonder if he even believed me but,
I had more pressing thoughts to ponder,
that, the worrying about others opinion
hardly seemed to matter any more..

I tried to pull in my mind back to the present,
but that wasn’t happening, as my thoughts
seemed to persist in thee, and those times
when we were together, lost into eternity..

Would it be fair enough to let them know,
or would it be unfair in not telling them?
I just couldn’t make up my mind, which
was still in pursuit of the greater good..

No matter what I think about,
thou shalt always be a part of it.
I find it hard to think of something,
where thou shalt cease to exist.

I knew I had to give up on it, coz I would
never succeed in putting thee off my mind.
No matter what thou shalt think, I say,
Please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you..

– Nocturnal poet

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