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Irreversible errors…

Walking by the sands of time,
I found a pebble, so smooth,
so cool and lustrous, that I,
immediately was attracted.

I picked it up, pocketing it
and continued my journey,
now being no longer alone..

As time passed by, the pebble
became my companion, my mate,
as I started sharing myself with it
feeling the joys of sharing myself..

It knew when I was sad or happy,
jubilant or depressed. It always
inspired me to achieve something
new, something better, each day,
each moment, that kept me going.

Soon, I started taking it for granted,
I went along my way, not bothering
once about its feelings nor how it felt.
I lost track on my companion, my mate.

Having once handled it with care,
I was now careless with it. Having
once loved it the way it was, I now
stared finding faults in things it did..

But towards the end of the day,
I always cared for it, forgetting
what happened or what not,
looking out for a fresh start..

Yet, I failed to realise that,
each time i hurt it, I had left a
scratch on its smooth surface,
a scar etched, a reminder forever.

An now when I finally am seeing,
the whole surface which once
reflected my image, my thoughts,
my feelings, was now shattered..

I decided that I no longer deserved it
and left it back in the sands of time..
hoping it would find back, its lustre and lost image,
hoping it would find a better companion next time.

-Nocturnal poet

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