Let the words flow. Let the pictures speak

Instinct theology…

Of darkness, a witness thy life shalt be, such times,
unknown, the next step; uncertain, if there be one.
Into arms of dishonor, a wrong decision shalt lead,
desire to live foregone, more pleasing death shalt be.

Panic stricken moments to act on instincts; theory,
the thought of which would horrifying in itself be.
Applicable shalt it be when, use it, thou art able to,
leave added pages of theory, shalt its practicability.

How well thou persevere, shalt those moments decide,
thy faith in thine work, shed light, a opening shalt wait,
for in such moments of loneliness shalt none assist thee,
apart from thyself, thy belief in the grace of thine God..

Finally shalt light fall, an end to the dark times marked,
never to be erased, those memories though, rock stead,
lesson virtuous, taught, for, the being, no matter where,
inspiration as guiding light serves, those times shalt be.

-Nocturnal poet

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