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Flakey breakfast!

It’s very interesting how our mind works, how it randomly links up routine daily events with random past memories. For instance, this morning as I was picking some veggies, my mind wandered to think about the biggest challenge faced by a veggie, while in a foreign country.

In a lot of countries, the concept of vegetarian is very alien. I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation until I arrived at the breakfast table at a fine restaurant in London. A glance at the table told me, everybody present at the table were non-vegetarians, which meant I had to figure out what is what by myself. I went to the waitress who took my jacket and bag for me, and asked her which of the items were vegetarian. It was a buffet breakfast with a lot of names I was hearing for the first time in my life, and I didn’t want to risk. She took me around explaining what is what, letting me decide if its veggie or not, and that is when I realized she didn’t really understand the concept of vegetarian. I was left with the option of baked beans, bread, puffs (with a classy english name), corn flakes, fruit juice and a fruit for the day. For the next one week, each day, I had a bowl of flakes, bread and baked beans, washed down with a glass of fruit juice.  Being a south indian, I was used to a dosa/idly type breakfast for my entire life and suddenly, I felt crippled with bread and flakes. If only I had thought of guptaji’s nashta recipes then, I would have had a variety of items to choose from.

Kellogg-LogoAs I was watching their video, this story was the first thought that stuck me. And then as I watched the remote wala nasta recipe, I couldn’t help but remember the biggest war as a kid, sibling fight over possession of the remote! Having an elder brother who had different interests from mine meant the one with the remote got to watch his pick while the other sulked in a corner and ended up watching the show grudgingly. It would have been an easy task to simply coax mother into preparing something yummy and the tv would have been forgotten, just like that.

These little video clips have pictured little incidents that happen in every household, coupled with a simple flaky recipe to wrap up and that brings back a lot of memories. The subtle humor in them helps shreds some baggage. For the sheer gratitude towards bringing back some memories and adding a little laughter today, I wouldn’t mind being invited over for nashta at Guptajis’ and be served any of those recipes with a twist, well, as long as it is veggie. You know what I mean 😉

Now that you have come so far, take some time to enjoy some of their videos on Facebook or YouTube
Here is a little suspense filled introduction 😉

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