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A novel journey…

I have got this habit of studying in front of the PC and I was just updating my status at twitter when that thought led me to this.. Of course I wrote it only after I stopped reading but that was the initial thought provocation..

At last the wait has ended,
all the stress and tension rid.
I am back home all fully fresh,
having just finished my exam.

I am on a break from the study stuff
an I decide on picking a book, a novel.
Its not that I don’t read otherwise,
but now I got a licence to go at it.

One book to relax from another?
Weird ain’t it? Well, yeah that’s me..

I look at my shelf revealing a bundle of books,
books, waiting to be explored, to be read.
I face confusion with the choice,
finally picking up one that looks good.

I make way through the initial pages,
struggling to make sense of what’s written,
what’s happening. A part here, a part there,
which is leading me nowhere.

Before I get a doubt of my choice,
I see a hint of light in it, a story
blooming from the very same things,
which didn’t make sense a few pages ago.

Time flies by yet I am glued to the book,
I find myself reading furiously, when,
I hear somebody calling out for lunch.
But oye, I just had my breakfast moments ago!

The story is now running at full pace,
and taking new twists as pages unfold.
But I have to stop in front of a signal,
signal being breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Within a few days I am at the end,
savouring the depth of the story,
the skill involved and marvelling
the composition and the writing.

Its done finally and the novel being explored,
is set to return to its rest place – my shelf.
While I am all ready for another novel, yet
another initial nonsense to final thriller journey.

-Nocturnal poet

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