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A cup of coffee…

I donno whats got me writing this. I was reading something and all of a sudden out of no where I just felt like writing about coffee and as a result, out came this poem, a cup of coffee and its journey into me… Am not a poet so bear with the mistakes, if any.

I have a free hour, I can’t wait to get going.
I am out as soon as the bell rings permitting me out.

I walk down to my favourite place,
And in a few minutes I am sitting at a cafe,
having ordered my coffee, waiting dearly for it.
After a small wait it is ready n willing to be fetched.

I lift the cup to savour the aroma it emits,
inviting me to the world of cafe which I gladly accept.
Following the aroma I enter deep down into an alley,
an alley leading to a different world.

I sip in a ml of the piping hot coffee
and it gives me a sense of eternity..
I am lost in a whole new world,
where time is outbound.

After long minutes which seemed like a few
moments, the piping hot coffee, now normal,
It holds only a little of what it once did and is
all set to get to its final destination- the bin.

I am all set for another cup of coffee,
yet another journey into eternity..

-Nocturnal poet

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